The NetProtector

NetProtector is an effective Internet filtering solution which lets you monitor and control the internet usage.

Although the advent of Internet has resulted in increased awareness about infinite aspects, this virtual wonder plays a key role in few anomalies because of its unrestricted nature of operation. The anomalies can take multiple forms which essentially deviate and distract the users from their healthy lifestyle. Users ranging from school-goers to business personnel are addicted to the ill-effects of internet. Hence, it becomes a necessity to monitor the usage and administer an internet safety measure to block the questionable content.

NetProtector is a perfect fitment for an internet filtering solution which can be easily deployed and is powerful at action.

Pioneering the implementation of Artificial Intelligence through Neural Networks, NetProtector adopts a unique state-of-art technology to monitor and block the content in a dynamic environment. Hence, it guarantees maximum control over internet.

NetProtector helps you

  • Block access to objectionable websites in the real-time
  • Impose safe internet browsing practices
  • Block access to forums, gaming zones, chat rooms, and e-mail
  • Restrict search engines from searching the undesired material
  • Control the browsing time spent by your child

NetProtector provides an intuitive and easy user interface for the administrator to deploy, maintain and manage the results. It lowers the cost of maintenance by offering a fast and effective mechanism for analyzing and reacting to user issues.

Extending the capabilities to block the offensive content, it integrates with various search engines and ensures to turn on the Safe Search option.