Oversee the internet activities of your employees and control the undesirable websites.

Employee Effectiveness

NetProtector is designed to be completely flexible and allows the organizations to tailor the filtering to one’s exact needs. If you wish to limit the scope of surfing and restrict your employees only to a set of websites, you can do it through the White-List mode of NetProtector. Besides distracting attention of your employees, browsing through the unnecessary web pages may make you a victim of cyber crime. Viruses and spam can intrude in no time while browsing inappropriate websites.

This implies the onus lies with you to restrict the access to these websites and protect your employees and company assets.

NetProtector is an easy-to-use internet filtering solution that can guarantee to limit your employee’s horizons of World Wide Web.

With NetProtector server solution, you don’t have to install any software on the individual machines. You simply configure the NetProtector application on a server and filtering is imposed on all the systems that are connected to the network.