NetProtector provides best-in-class internet filtering services to the leading Internet Service Providers, Educational institutions and Enterprises from varied domains.

We deliver tailored solutions to address your critical business challenges. The NetProtector experience will fulfill your organizational needs to protect against the dangers of internet.


EOEstablished in 1967, the Evangelical Broadcasting Organisation (EO) is one of the major Public Broadcasters in the Netherlands. We support 50,000 users in a single deployment.

"Emiel Hop, Director of Dutch broadcasting firm and Filternet (EO) says, “'The NetProtector Dynamic filter made our investments to get the best white- and blacklist no longer needed. The combination of both a server based and client based solution makes the solution attractive to all our business partners. "


SolconSolcon is an Internet Service Provider operating in the Netherlands. Solcon provides Internet access, hosting, family-friendly filtered Internet access,Voice-over IP telephony services, mobile services and e-mail services. We support 15,000 users in a single deployment.

"Peter van der Vlies, CEO of Solcon says, “We did choose for the NetProtector application for a few reasons: it provides us the best value for money, it provides technology far better than other products we did evaluate and we are excited about the relationship with the development team. "