Educational Institutes

Create a safe learning environment and curb the distractions.

Safeguarding Students

Internet is an irreplaceable resource to learn new things and upgrade your knowledge from time to time. It plays a significant role in the learning and development aspects of students. However, on the flipside, there are few hidden dangers which may damage the student’s learning time and resources.

Schools and libraries are well equipped with advanced internet facilities with an intention to help the students rise above their traditional learning ways. However, this intention is often exploited and the students are often noticed exploring the undesirable content. The intriguing content can mislead the adolescents drastically and impede their career aspirations.

With NetProtector, you can restrict them to safe zones of internet and enhance their learning time. If you wish to monitor and control all the computers in your school or library, you can setup the NetProtector application on a server and enjoy the filtering benefits on all the computers connected to that Network.

Database Customization

Learning needs vary, as you graduate from school to college and the database of allowable and restricted web page URL needs to be customized according to these needs.

Usually basic Users like Schools-goers are at a higher risk as compared to grown-ups as they tend to explore anything alluring. Besides this, the scope of internet activity can be restricted, as their standard of education may not require them to browse through many sites. Hence, you can customize the database with few useful and necessary sites that can make a difference in their learning.

While talking about advanced users like college students, who would research and pursue their studies solely based on the knowledge acquired over internet. This implies, you can modify the database as per their needs and block the unwanted sites.

You can restrict access to objectionable websites, chat sessions, virtual gaming zones, and social networking portals and direct the students to only those sites that you deem as appropriate.