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Protect your family from the malicious effects of internet and ensure a family friendly internet usage.

Family Friendly Internet

Internet provides numerous resources to acquire knowledge. This unlimited access can expose your family members to malicious, illegal and objectionable content. Of late, youngsters are being victimized by the detrimental effects of internet which can hinder their development.

In this process, websites, Chat sessions, e-mails, social networking sites and forums have become prime destinations for such content. The hazardous effects of internet can include exposure to pornography, cyber bullying, cyber crimes, and gambling.

As a responsible parent, you may want keep an eye on your children’s activities and shield them from the internet dangers. With NetProtector, you can counteract these dangers while letting your child enjoy the greatness of internet.

NetProtector Client is a simple to install and deploy tool which can be customized as per your family’s interests. To avail the filtering capabilities you don’t have to change your internet service provider (ISP).

NetProtector Client is available for multiple platforms on pc’s and mobiles.

Net Protector Internet Filter

Do not risk your child from becoming a potential victim. Safeguard your PC and protect your children from inappropriate content over the web.

Net Protector Parental Control

The parental control feature which was restricted to PC’s till yesterday is now available for your mobile devices also.