Parental Control Solution for Mobiles

Enjoy the benefits and features that improve the security and the quality of the Internet in your mobile.

Stay safe with a powerful internet filtering for your mobiles with MobiGreen,an app that filters the web as you browse.For the new version in our mobile product, the releases for ipad, iphone, Android and Windows7 are available.

With this feature, you can:

NetProtector Parental Control
Restrict websites:
The Parental Control feature enables you to define the sites that can be accessed by the family members and limit the timings and time period of the internet access.

NetProtector Parental Control

Monitor Browsing time:
Further to this restriction of websites, you can also specify the timings of access for every member in the family. Such a restriction will enable you to monitor the time spent by them over the internet.

By restricting the time period of access, your kids will learn to optimize their browsing time and are forced to spend it in a resourceful way.

NetProtector Parental Control
Customize the Internet Experience:
You can tailor the filtering services easily and effectively, as per your family's internet needs. Few ways to customize your needs are as follows:

  • Block everything except few safe websites You can create personalized list of websites that you think are appropriate for your children and provide access only to those sites. Hence, your kids can access only those sites and nothing else on internet.
  • Allow everything except few undesirable websites You can specify the list of websites to be blocked. By this, your child can access anything over internet, except for those defined by you in the Block list.

NetProtector Parental Control
Receive daily reports of the browsing history of each member of the family.

NetProtector Parental Control
Remote Management:
Powerful Remote Management tools to help you to manage and maintain Internet policies from any PC connected to internet. You can receive requests from the family members and unblock any website through the administrator console.