NetProtector is an advanced content filtering solution that protects users against objectionable and offensive material on the Internet.

A Server-based solution

This solution is primarily intended for entities like corporates, educational institutes, and ISPs.

The NetProtector solution is installed on a server in a network and filtering is imposed on all the computers connected to the network. So, you can leverage the filtering capabilities to all the computers connected to the network without having to install individually. Hence, all website requests from any computer on your network are filtered.

NetProtector provides a user friendly interface referred as NetProtector Management Console(NPMC). This acts as an administrative console used to configure, control, monitor, manage and track the Web page URLs and keywords that are graded under various lists in a single interface.

Provider Independent Client Solutions for pc’s and mobiles

NetProtector offers solutions for pc’s and mobiles to protect home users from offensive content on the Internet. You can continue with your existing Internet Service Provider and leverage the offerings of the NetProtector.

The client solution works independent of your provider and blocks the Web pages containing objectionable content. NetProtector solution once installed on the client machine, communicates with a remote Server for its filtering instructions.

Once the NetProtector client is installed on your computer/mobile, every Web request from your computer/mobile is first validated with the NetProtector server to check if the Web page you have requested is objectionable. If the NetProtector server declares that the Web page contains objectionable material, the NetProtector client will block your request; else the Web page will be displayed.

All the web filtering queries are answered instantaneously by the server, so the latency time is negligible. This is because the NetProtector Server responds with only the block/allow signal to the client solution and the website content is retrieved from your local ISP.

Also, the Parental Control feature for defining personalized lists and time schedules helps you customize the internet activities of your family members.